INFOOD supports global trends and pays special attention to environmental concerns. The production uses energy-saving technologies and sewage treatment plants that guarantee the safety of the environment. We also try to reduce the amount of waste in the world and rid our parters of the problem of shell disposal. In our production, it is considered as the basis for the production of useful fertilizers, feed for fish and animals.

Our customers, together with egg products, acquire the quality and safety confirmed by laboratory tests. This is an important step in the path of development, as INFOOD has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming a leader in egg production, occupying new niches and being the first to enter the everyday life of consumers.

InFood Manufacture

Eggs without shell are a new future. There was an opinion that egg products - only for large enterprises. In fact, it is widely used in public service and will become useful in everyday life. The use of these products would be ideal for kindergarten cafeterias and schools, as well as in organizations where a large staff is present and there is a need to prepare a large amount of food daily.

Egg production is much safer than ordinary eggs in the shell, as it undergoes complete microbiological and physico-chemical control followed by pasteurization. The absence of eggshells at work reduces the risk of direct contact with potential pathogens. Egg products are easy to use and store, but in taste, properties and useful components, it is no different from fresh quality eggs.

The INFOOD factory sees the prospect, health of the nation, wide popularity among ordinary consumers for its egg products аnd predicts that in the near future it will be available at any supermarket.

InFood Manufacture