Safety While Production

Multi-level control and private laboratory at the “In Food” factory make it possible to obtain products of the highest quality.

Every stage of production is subject to inspection: from feed for poultry farms to the transfer of egg products to customers.

The raw materials for the manufacture of egg products in the “In Food” factory are exclusively fresh chicken eggs. They are delivered from their own poultry farms of the company Inter-Zaporozhye, which is part of the “INTER EDINSTVO” holding, which are located in Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava and Zaporizhia regions. To produce the highest quality egg products, it is necessary that the source material also meets high standards. Therefore, “INTER EDINSTVO” for poultry farms develops and manufactures special feed. Thus, in each egg - the maximum concentration of nutrients, which is stored in egg products.

Each egg, when it enters the “In Food” factory, passes the entrance control. Non-production products have no chance of getting into production. Indoors maintain a special microclimate, hygiene and optimal temperatures for storage and processing. All stages at the “In Food” factory are continuously monitored. This is a guarantee of safety and preservation of absolutely all trace elements, vitamins and healthy substances contained in a fresh egg.

IN FOOD factory designed and built with all the requirements of BRC certification

(British Retail Consortium). This provides one of the important guarantees for obtaining a BRC certificate.

Products In Food Factory does not contain GMOs.

BRC - certification of standards of food products of the British consortium

“In Food” Factory Laboratory

The “In Food” factory operates its own modern laboratory, which is the pride of production

To check the raw materials, “In Food” purchased egg analyzers: to measure weight, yolk color, height of protein, shell strength, which makes it possible to obtain data on egg freshness. Each of the subsequent stages of production is also monitored. High-speed microbiological analysis methods allow more samples to be taken and ensure high accuracy of results. Thus, the product is controlled during the processing, as well as the final result of the process. This allows to produce products according to the parameters specified by the customer and guarantee a stable result. On the production, continuous quality control from the incoming raw materials to the final product takes place.