Dry egg products

Dry egg products are the basis of modern food industry.

No large enterprise making confectionery, pasta, bakery, biscuits, sausage, mayonnaise and fish products can do without it. Egg products are also in demand in the areas of nutraceuticals, sports nutrition, and animal feed manufacturing.

New “In Food” factory technologies make it possible to obtain dry products from eggs, such as dry egg melange (egg powder), egg dry egg whites, dry egg yolk and other egg products. A complete list of products produced in the “In Food” factory. It is important to note that they fully preserve the energy value, all the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutrients contained in the egg.

Using egg products saves time, storage space, reduces labor costs and reduces waste. One more advantage of products - longer shelf life. Comparing to the egg, it can be up to two years.