A natural egg product made of 100% whole egg without additives or preservatives. Indoor (barn) eggs are collected from our poultry farms and transported to our production facility in premium sanitary conditions. They are then stored, broken, pasteurised and packed. Has a high emulsifying stability and thermal stability. Allows the reduction of the yolk dosage in a mayonnaise recipe as it has a higher emulsifying capacity than plain salted egg yolk. Heat stable egg yolk results in an increased thermo tolerance in mayonnaise, dressings, sauces and other emulsified systems. Higher pasteurisation temperatures of emulsions containing fermented egg yolk can be achieved. This results in a longer shelf life of the finished product.


It can be used in the production of heat stable emulsions as sauces ( eg. bearnaise, Hollandaise sauce) dressings and mayonnaise.